Priyam Packaging

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ISO 9001-2000 Company


Priyam is a multi-million USD group with 25 years experience in satisfying customers.

Equipped with Modern Plants & Machinery and highly trained Staff, Priyam Packaging is your one-stop destiny for Packaging Materials and Solutions.

Our strong Quality Controls and modern Testing Equipments always ensure continuous supplies of trouble-free materials.

At Priyam We Can !

We draw on a decade of experience in innovation and leadership.

  • Priyam is Multi-milion USD group with 25 years of experience in satisfying customer.
  • Equipped with modern plants and machinery and Highly trained staff. Priyam Packaging is one stop destiny for packaging materials solutions.
  • Our strong quality controls and modern testing Equipment always ensure continuous supplies of trouble-free materials.


  • Packaging Material

    High Quality Printed Cartons, Shipper Cartons, Heavy Duty Export Cartons, Wooden Packaging & Pallets, Tamper-Proof Poly Pouches & Other Plastics.

  • Total Packaging Solutions

    Assessing Requirements, Providing Packaging Materials - Paper Cartons, Wooden Material, Plastics & Metal. Testing, Packing, Stuffing & Dispatch. Complete handling of Spares Business.

  • Designing

    Brandings, Digital Marketing, Graphics Designing, Editing, Web Designing, Photo Editing.

Back End Solutions

In warding, QC Testing, Unloading, Storing in Bins, Supplying the Material to Production Lines, Taking Care of Rejections, Warehouse Management, Spare Parts Management, GRNs.